School Information

Christina McKeever

Assistant Principal(s):
Edward Hargreaves

Facility Opened: 1974
Additions/Renovations: 2011

School Capacity: 714
(Does not include portable classrooms)

2018-2019 School Year State-Reported Student Data
(based on September 30 enrollment)

Total Enrollment: 691

Race/Ethnicity (%):
American Indian/Alaskan Native: *
Asian: 4.10%
Black/African American: 18.50%
Hispanic/Latino: 16.50%
Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander: *
White: 52.50%
2+ Races: 8%

Students Receiving Special Services (%):
Free/Reduced Price Meals: 39.70%
English Language Learners: 8.70%
Special Education: 8.80%
Title I:

'*' indicates no students or fewer than 10 students in category, or '*' indicates the percentage for the category is either ≤5 or ≥95 and the corresponding counts have been suppressed by MSDE.

Additional Data Reporting Sources:

2017 Maryland School Performance Data provides a summary of state-reported school performance data. Due to lagged data reporting, the report may include performance data for the prior school year.

The Maryland Report Card provides information on enrollment, demographics, attendance, state assessments, and other supporting data based on school level.

Staff, students and parents of WALKERSVILLE ELEMENTARY are proud of our longstanding tradition of academic excellence balanced with personal development for each student. Our mission is "WES -- Where Everyone Succeeds!" At Walkersville, we encourage, support and inspire our students to love learning. We hold high expectations for each student in academics and behavior.

Walkersville's focus on continuous improvement in a nurturing learning environment is supported by a talented and hardworking staff. We work together to create a school culture that encourages and supports questioning, perseverance and collaborative practices. We are proud of our students' academic success and will continue to provide enrichment and rigor for all students.

Walkersville's parents are active partners through home support and volunteering. We have many active committees that we invite parents to participate on alongside staff members. Our PTA is active and very supportive of all school activities.

Daily at Walkersville, we strive to uphold our vision: "WES is dedicated to preparing all our students to meet the demands of an ever-changing society. We believe all children can succeed; therefore, we hold every student to the same national, state and local standards of excellence. We strive to help each student meet these challenges with enthusiasm and reach his or her potential. We are committed to providing education that is multicultural, embraces diversity and emphasizes the pillars of character (trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship) shared by society as a whole. WES is devoted to family involvement and encourages all members of our learning community to collaborate with us in decision making, problem solving and school improvement. When students leave Walkersville Elementary, they possess the skills, knowledge and attitudes to succeed in the future."

Along with challenging academics, we have fun-enjoying traditions, such as our PTA-sponsored Book Fair, cultural arts programs, field day, family nights, STEM activities, music programs, extended learning opportunities and more. We also have a before- and after-school daycare program operated by the YMCA.

Walkersville Elementary School maintains the values and qualities of our traditionally rural community while enjoying the enrichment of a diverse community. Please call or visit and browse our Web site throughout the year for information about programs and activities.

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