School Information

Mary Ann Wiles

Facility Opened: 1974
Additions/Renovations: n/a

School Capacity: 316
(Does not include portable classrooms)

2018-2019 School Year State-Reported Student Data
(based on September 30 enrollment)

Total Enrollment: 247

Race/Ethnicity (%):
American Indian/Alaskan Native:
Asian: *
Black/African American: 2%
Hispanic/Latino: 2.40%
Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander: *
White: 89.10%
2+ Races: 4.90%

Students Receiving Special Services (%):
Free/Reduced Price Meals: 32%
English Language Learners: *
Special Education: 18.20%
Title I:

'*' indicates no students or fewer than 10 students in category, or '*' indicates the percentage for the category is either ≤5 or ≥95 and the corresponding counts have been suppressed by MSDE.

Additional Data Reporting Sources:

2017 Maryland School Performance Data provides a summary of state-reported school performance data. Due to lagged data reporting, the report may include performance data for the prior school year.

The Maryland Report Card provides information on enrollment, demographics, attendance, state assessments, and other supporting data based on school level.

EMMITSBURG ELEMENTARY is situated just south of the Mason-Dixon Line in historic Frederick County. The entire community is supportive and proud of the school's work in educating Emmitsburg students.

By maintaining high expectations and involving everybody (teachers, staff, parents and community members) in our program, we improve students' success in meeting county and state achievement standards.

Emmitsburg Elementary has a reputation for bringing together the best combination of services to meet the instructional needs of each student. In addition to our classroom and music, art and physical education teachers, we utilize the skills of our reading specialist, school counselor, special educators and interventionalists and teacher specialists to provide individual and small-group instruction. We are a Professional Development School for training pre-service teachers with neighboring Mount St. Mary's University.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) activities are well attended at EES. Events such as Moms and Muffins, Dads and Donuts, and Grandparents and Granola, as well as Family Fun Nights and "Meet the Teacher" support our emphasis on family involvement. The staff members of EES are actively involved in providing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) events for our families.

The entire Emmitsburg community takes pride in our endeavors to provide an excellent learning environment for each student.

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