School Information

Stephanie Ware

Assistant Principal(s):
Reginald Gunter
Judith Hale
Joshua Work

Facility Opened: 1981
Additions/Renovations: n/a

School Capacity: 860
(Does not include portable classrooms)

2018-2019 School Year State-Reported Student Data
(based on September 30 enrollment)

Total Enrollment: 886

Race/Ethnicity (%):
American Indian/Alaskan Native: *
Asian: 4.90%
Black/African American: 23.10%
Hispanic/Latino: 36.20%
Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander: *
White: 30.10%
2+ Races: 4.90%

Students Receiving Special Services (%):
Free/Reduced Price Meals: 48.40%
English Language Learners: 12.30%
Special Education: 11.20%
Title I:

'*' indicates no students or fewer than 10 students in category, or '*' indicates the percentage for the category is either ≤5 or ≥95 and the corresponding counts have been suppressed by MSDE.

Additional Data Reporting Sources:

2018 Maryland School Performance Data provides a summary of state-reported school performance data. Due to lagged data reporting, the report may include performance data for the prior school year.

The Maryland Report Card provides information on enrollment, demographics, attendance, state assessments, and other supporting data based on school level.

THE MISSION OF MONOCACY MIDDLE SCHOOL is to provide a safe, rigorous learning environment tailored to meet the needs of our diverse learners.

THE VISION OF MONOCACY MIDDLE SCHOOL: At Monocacy Middle School we strive to provide instruction that develops innovators, problem solvers, and creative thinkers while valuing the diversity and strengths within our community. Through a variety of quality instructional practices, students receive rigorous learning experiences in a positive and supportive environment. We teach our students to set and meet high expectations, be responsible for their decisions, and encourage them to foster lifelong learning.

Students receive rigorous learning opportunities in a positive learning environment where all students can excel. Highly qualified teachers deliver dynamic, engaging and relevant lessons that incorporate a variety of strategies to ensure that all students are learning.

Students' developmental and affective needs are met by creating a safe, inclusive and encouraging atmosphere within our school. The staff at Monocacy Middle School lead by example; modeling the traits of respect, honesty and integrity. We build and maintain relationships with our students, their families and the community. Through local business partnerships, we secure funding to benefit our school family and encourage community collaboration.

Students at Monocacy Middle School are expected to master the curriculum and receive support in order to do so. Individual educational needs are identified and met through differentiation, intervention and enrichment opportunities.

Students develop valuable skills while at Monocacy Middle School. We teach our students to set and meet high expectations, and encourage them to endure, persevere and surpass those expectations whether set by themselves, by others or society. We encourage students to take increasingly personal responsibility for their success as students and as citizens in a supportive school culture.

We continually seek solutions to challenges. We recognize the importance of creativity, flexibility and adjusting to the needs of our students. Because learning is a lifelong process, Monocacy Middle School makes education our priority.

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