School Information

Paul Fer

Assistant Principal(s):
Michele Gill
Tamara Lamberson

Facility Opened: 1953
Additions/Renovations: 1957, 1976, 1995

School Capacity: 914
(Does not include portable classrooms)

2018-2019 School Year State-Reported Student Data
(based on September 30 enrollment)

Total Enrollment: 782

Race/Ethnicity (%):
American Indian/Alaskan Native: *
Asian: 1.50%
Black/African American: 2.40%
Hispanic/Latino: 7.30%
Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander: *
White: 84.10%
2+ Races: 4%

Students Receiving Special Services (%):
Free/Reduced Price Meals: 10.70%
English Language Learners: *
Special Education: 7.70%
Title I:

'*' indicates no students or fewer than 10 students in category, or '*' indicates the percentage for the category is either ≤5 or ≥95 and the corresponding counts have been suppressed by MSDE.

Additional Data Reporting Sources:

2018 Maryland School Performance Data provides a summary of state-reported school performance data. Due to lagged data reporting, the report may include performance data for the prior school year.

The Maryland Report Card provides information on enrollment, demographics, attendance, state assessments, and other supporting data based on school level.

Entering MIDDLETOWN MIDDLE SCHOOL, visitors can feel the excitement and commitment to learning. One might see art students sketching, physical education classes competing, theater arts students moving through a dramatic presentation, practical arts classes engaging in technology and life skills lessons, science students transforming themselves into living cells, band, orchestra and chorus students creating harmonies, or social studies students re-enacting scenes from history. Language arts students are motivated by a teacher introducing descriptive writing while dressed as a hobo. Math students work in the computer lab or review geometry concepts with origami.

A national Blue Ribbon School in 1997-98, Middletown Middle is in a growing rural area with a strong sense of community. We share a campus with one of our 3 feeder elementary schools and a high school. The present building originally housed grades 7-12. In 1974 it was renovated to become the middle school. In 1995 another construction project added a state-of-the-art classroom wing and renovated the media center, office complex and classrooms.

An active Parent Teacher Student Association and growing volunteer program enhance many facets of school life. With an energetic and dedicated staff, the school has an excellent reputation, justified by test scores well-exceeding county and state averages and excellent attendance.

While academic achievement geared toward lifelong learning is paramount, Middletown MS provides a well-rounded experience by encouraging fitness for life and nurturing students' talents in the arts. Programs range from reading intervention to Socratic Seminars. Dedicated guidance and school support staff help students make sound academic and personal choices. Our students' enthusiasm and staff dedication truly reflect our motto: "Enter to learn; strive to achieve."

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