FCPS Board of Education Policies
Policy Title Number
Governance of the School System
Organization of the Board
Compensation and Expense
Appeal and Hearing Procedures
General Powers and Duties
Non-Public Transportation
Unused School Property
Employee Attendance at School-Sponsored Activities
Drug-free, Alcohol-free, and Tobacco-free Workplace and School System
Scholarship Programs
Policy Development
School Attendance Areas and Redistricting
Naming Schools, Portions of Buildings and/or Grounds
Construction, Renovation and Maintenance
Facilities and Grounds
Environmental Awareness and Conservation of Resources
Fiscal Procedures
Memorials Honoring Deceased Students and Staff
Attendance and Absence
Dismissal or Suspension
Travel and Mileage Reimbursement
Personal and Academic Freedom
Discrimination Unlawful
Student Teachers-Interns
Substitute Teachers
Honors and Awards
Political Activity
Tutoring/Educational Services Offered by FCPS Staff
Health Promotion
Royalties and Copyright
Sexual Harassment
Administrative, Management & Technical Group (AMT)
Support Personnel
Change in Employee Status for Support Personnel
Asbestos Removal
Support Personnel Discipline Policy
Reporting Allegations of Fraud or Illegal Activity Impacting FCPS Business Operations
Administration of the Public Schools
School Calendar
Physical Education and Athletic Programs for Students with Disabilities
Student Discipline
Students' Responsibilities and Rights
Graduation Requirements
Requests to Change a Child's Name
Removal of Student from School Area
Suspension and Expulsion
Fire Drills (in school buildings)
Reporting Emergencies
Corporal Punishment
Family/Community Partnership
Field Trips and Overnight Travel-Study Programs
Administrative Attendance Waiver
Progress Reporting
Home and Hospital Teaching
Child Abuse and Neglect
Student Arrival and Departure
Physical Examinations/Immunizations for Students
Student Records
Gang Activity
Flag Display and Salute
Fundraising in Schools
Religious Expression
Contests and Activities
Attendance at Schools
Guest Speakers
Graduation Honors and Awards
Computer Hardware Acquisition
Student Publications
Test Administration and Data Reporting
Dress Code for Students
Charter Schools
Transportation of Students
Curriculum and Courses of Study
Curriculum Distribution
Education That Is Multicultural Program
Character Education
Health Education
Evening High School
Summer School Eligibility
Special Education
Extracurricular Activities
Copyright Laws
Community Informational Materials
Waivers of Board Policy

Policies, regulations and procedures are subject to change without notice,
and the Board of Education and school system reserve the right to enforce changes immediately.
In any dispute, the official language in effect at the time of any incident will supersede the language on this web site.
For more information, contact the Legal Services office, 301-696-6851.

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